6 Tips That Will Help Keep Potency In Good Shape

Many people don`t appreciate what they have. This also applies to strong potency. And when guy starts to “turn the hell on” or even look at “half past six”, then he rushes in panic around different cabinets, just to get that former power back. And as they say about fact that sleigh should be prepared in summer, so potency should be taken care of when there are no problems with it. Today we will talk about simple but effective ways, if not exclude, then at least reduce to minimum problems with potency and keep it in good shape.

Lead active lifestyle

One of main enemies of male power is sedentary lifestyle. In order to keep potency in good shape, do exercises every few hours, at least small workout. But if it is inconvenient for you to jump or squat in front of colleagues. It`s done simply: squeeze muscles of perineum, which you use when abruptly stop urinating. For start, 20–30 fast compression and 10–15 compression with delay are sufficient.

Over time, you can increase their number. This exercise is good because it can be done anywhere completely unnoticed by other people. Kegel exercise maintains potency in tone, and is also prevention of congestive processes, prostatitis and incontinence.

Go in for sports

It`s addition to previous advice. Even daily walking mile will help reduce risk of weakening potency. Good for prevention of impotence suitable classes in gym, especially exercises such as squats with lowering of pelvis below the feet (done on horizontal bar with leg racks located above floor), lifting plates, running and other exercises where muscles of legs and pelvis are involved. Such exercises help to improve blood circulation and prevent stagnant processes from appearing.

Eat right and eliminate bad habits

Too greasy, salty and spicy food impairs potency. In order to keep it in good shape, include more vegetables and fruits in diet. Drink daily rate of water, which helps to eliminate decay products from body.

As for bad habits, they even separately have detrimental effect on potency, and together they create destructive effect, and by the age of thirty, regular person who consumes alcohol and smokes cigarettes may experience erectile dysfunction from weakening of potency to its complete loss.

Lead regular sex life

Sex isn`t only pleasant, but also useful activity that strengthens general condition of body, relieves stress and improves blood circulation. But his absence can lead all to same stagnant processes, as well as to deterioration of blood supply to genital. Even if you have no girlfriend, don`t hesitate and use manual labor. To maintain potency in tone 2–3 times week is enough, but if it`s more, it`s even better. The main thing isn`t to overdo it, because search may have opposite effect associated with psychological side of issue.

Regularly undergo urological examination

This isn`t only ultrasound of pelvic organs, but also examination by urologist, which includes prostate check. Yes, this isn`t particularly pleasant procedure, but you will know for sure if you read this inscription. For young guys, it`s enough to visit urologist once a year for routine examination, and for men after forty, twice a year.

Use additional devices

Maintain potency in good shape with help of various devices and even sex toys. For example, to eliminate stagnant processes, prostate massage can be applied, which is most effectively done with help of special toys.

Another effective way to maintain potency in tone is LOD-therapy with help of hydropump. For this you can use Bathmate hydropomp. This device stimulates blood flow to penis and other male organs by creating a vacuum in device with a discharge from 0.55 to 0.7 bar.

A nice bonus is that with this device you can increase penis up to 30% of initial volume and straighten it. Just 15 minutes of training with hydropump is enough to increase male power.