How to prevent prostatitis development?

Approximately 45 percent of men in world know for themselves what prostatitis is. Often this disease goes into chronic stage, which is quite difficult to treat. Prostatitis is dangerous not only for its manifestations, but also for complications. One of most difficult is prostate cancer.

It is much easier to prevent disease than to treat it. And, prostatitis is no exception. Observing certain preventive measures, every man can maintain his health for many years.

Who is at risk?

Prostatitis can be considered partly as occupational disease. At risk are the following people:

  • Office staff who spend a lot of time sitting.
  • People, who have to constantly work in conditions of high humidity and low temperature.

Types of prophylaxis

Prevention can be primary and secondary. Primary prevention is aimed at preventing disease occurrence. It is necessary to begin to carry it out after 30 years. Measures of primary prevention include maintaining healthy lifestyle, proper and balanced nutrition, sports.

If, by nature of his activity, a person has to sit a lot, then every evening it is advisable to go for walks or exercise.

Exercises that stimulate blood flow in problem organs are very useful. Very useful is regular sex. If possible, it is desirable to perform Kegel exercises.

Secondary prophylaxis is recommended for those, who have already had prostatitis. It consists in use of drug treatment, periodic examination by urologist, passing examinations every 6 months.

Rectal suppositories provide good prophylaxis. They have almost no contraindications and don`t give side effects. In some cases, doctors advise doing prostate massage. Don`t forget about regular sex. Ejaculation is natural drainage of genitourinary system.

Excellent help gives douche. It not only stimulates blood circulation, but also enhances immunity. Good effect and gives special diet. It is simple, you should eat as little fried and smoked food as possible. It is better to add more fruits and vegetables to menu. It is also recommended to avoid hypothermia, drafts.

Wear warm underwear in winter and don`t sit on cold surfaces. In car, try to sit on heated seat or, putting a long warm jacket under you. Wear loose cotton underpants with shorts that look similar to “family”. Avoid tight synthetic underwear and tight-fitting clothing, such as tight jeans. For people leading “sedentary” lifestyle, it is useful to go to urologist and ask him to talk about special exercises, that can be done to prevent venous stasis in prostate gland.

So, now you know, how to reach good result and save your health. Don`t forget to follow these recommendations.