How to save a figure after 40 years?

Probably even the most Petite women fear this mark 40. And if saving youth face all more or less clear, with the figure. Is it possible to stay slim after age 40 years? And if you do not engage in regular exercise? And if not to revise the mode of nutrition? Who are all these shapely women for 40? They have nothing to eat?!

Certainly, such questions excite many. And the good news for them: Yes, you can save 40 shape after. You can even after menopause be slim attractive woman rather than fat aunt. But there are news and another, perhaps not as optimistic: nothing to me in your life, you will not be able to keep the shape.

But don’t lose heart. In fact, everything is very simple. Not necessarily to die on the track in the gym, you don’t need to run marathons, you do not need to starve yourself. You just need to slightly pull yourself together.

So, rule #1.

Cut the sweet buns, candy to a minimum in their diets. There are many excellent substitutes for these ills. Discover tea with dried fruit, candied fruit, honey, nuts. Just don’t eat a kilo of apricots at a time or candied fruit.

Rule #2.

Read the labels on products. Choose products with less calories.

Rule #3.

Don’t want to go to the gym? Do not. Exercises through force will not do any good. But activity on the soul need to find necessary. Love long walks? Walk! And maybe a bike? Or pool? Dancing? Skates? Only buy suitable tracksuit, such that right liked. And the case will go.

Rule #4.

Get plenty of sleep. This is useful for the skin and for the shape. Relaxed people less thinks about food.

Rule #5.

Buy scales and weigh yourself regularly at the same time of day. Better in the morning. Believe me, catch weight per person, like an elephant. Times, and + 100 kg! It does not happen. And if the scales show + 1-2 kg, it is an occasion to ponder: “what am I doing wrong?”

Rule #6.

Leave yourself one thing from very ancient times, when a figure of suspicion and cause issues. This will control check: can you fasten the zipper? Do not disperse whether buttons? Let him go time, fashion is changing and this thing stays in the locker room. Not for socks, but for self-control.

Rule #7.

Keep your core muscles in tone. trunk bending 50, 100 sit-ups or something like that don’t require a trip to the gym. Yes and don’t take much time. Is it at all possible to do watching tv.

This is probably the most fundamental. Nothing is feasible or new. Just a few changes and a little effort. But for these works the body will respond with gratitude. And long after your 40th anniversary celebration, men will look after you with the words: “Oh, what a woman!”