What do you know about erection pills?

Impotence can be explained as a lack of penile erection as a result of inability to conduct sexual performance. Such a pathology is connected with the decreasing of libido. The organism become weakening and there the early ejaculation takes place. This disease can ruin the quality of life, also it has a negative impact on a psycho-emotional state and in can have an influence on the inferiority complex.

A lot of people think, that erectile dysfunction can worsen the time course, but it is a real mistake. Even the absence of disease can provoke sexual frustration and the man in advanced years may be almost healthy.

What is the reason of the impotency appear?

In common, we must say, that the impotency can be caused by big amount of psychological problems and hormonal disorders. The main cause can be the organic changes in the mechanism of erectile. The most widespread reasons of the sexual power loss can be named as:

  • Psychological: stresses, depression and pressure.
  • Nervous: problems with the intervertebral disks, disseminated sclerosis, pelvic operations.
  • Arterial: hypertension, diabetes.
  • Venous: disorders with blood circulations.
  • Physiological: obesity, addictions, forbidden lifestyle.
  • Medicinal: antihypertensive and antidepressant drugs taking.

The disease can provoke the changes of blood vessels. As a result, vascular walls started to be not so flexible an elastic and they become fragile. It provides a supply of penile blood. Curtails have an ability to maintain and to reach the erection. If you wanted to get more interesting and important information, you can use a website: http://www.healthline.com/health/erectile-dysfunction/common-causes-impotence. The good decision to struggle with such a problem is to use male erection pills, which are the guarantee of the best result without any problem.


Kamagra oral jelly is a drug from India, which consist of Sildenafil. It is an active ingredient, that treats erectile dysfunction. The main option of this medicine is to accelerate the effect of desire. It has a gel texture, so it is pleasant to use it. You have no necessity in taking a gel with water, because it will absorb men`s blood very quickly. The flavors of such a drug can be very pleasant – you can choose strawberry, pineapple or raspberry. That preparation is very efficient, because it will help to survive the psychogenic and organic impotency.

The efficiency of Kamagra gel also depends on the etiology and the stage of the disease. Active agent boosts circulation in a pelvic vessels and make the penile blood supply normal. The act of Sildenafil can be shown in 15 minutes and it provides a good sexual stimulation. Such an effect remains to 12 hours.

If you want to test Kamagra, it will be the best idea if you do it before the sexual performance. A recommended dose is 50 mg, but the maximum dose mustn`t exceed 100 mg. Pay attention, that if the norm will be exceed, it can cause rapid heartbeating, headaches, nose stiffness, high photosensitivity, dyspepsy. Also you must realize, that if you have problems with cardiovascular system or you have the kidney disease, degenerative changes of retina, sildenafil will be forbidden for you. Besides, you must be sure, that you didn’t use nitrites application and organic nitrates.


Cialis or Tadalafil are the best erection pills, which can you buy legally. After the taking 20 mg of pill in 30 minutes comes the relaxation of penile muscles and the increasing of blood pressure. As the result man can have long-term erection. This medicine started to act in 15 minutes and it provide a natural excitement.

The effect can be caused during 36 hours, so that’s why cialis in Singapore is very popular. Such a drug intensifies a libido and prevents an ejaculation and orgasm. The dosage must be the right, because the increasing can cause a negative effect. If you will take it regularly, a dose will be reduced to 5 mg per day, because such a norm has a good influence of the state of potency.  That dosage is the most useful for elder men, who are at the age of 75 and suffer from a serious chronic disease. A small amount of Tadalafil is combined with fat meal and alcohol.

The most important in these remedy is that the side effects are absent in 98% of all the cases. That can rarely cause a flush, headache and dizziness. Cialis doesn’t build up tolerance, so there is no bad influence on man`s organism. The restrictions are heart and brain attacks, liver failure and others.