What should you know about premature ejaculation?

What should you know about premature ejaculation?

There is statistics ensuring that premature ejaculation is a real curse for one in three men. Is that true? We are not going to prove this information just want to cover a topic. Let’s find out the reasons for this condition and ways of its treatment. Premature ejaculation means that every time a man finishes he does it much quicker than it is necessary to satisfy him and his partner. Though, this problem is not impotence yet, but it is regarded as a failure anyway.


Someone can say that the fast orgasm is not such a problem – the power of seeds really matters! There is an idea that a quick arousal, stimulation and ejaculation are connected with the human past, when in those darkest periods men were under continuous threat from the environment that is why they had to provide  conception and did not think of a long satisfaction. But nowadays when it is mostly safe in a bedroom, a man can relax and enjoy the situation instead of thinking only of his responsibilities.

But tragically there are other reasons for unsuccessful performance. Among them there are:

  • Early sexual experiences that could create wrong behavior pattern making a man anxious and afraid of being caught by the adults.
  • High level of sex quality requirements making a man anxious about sexual performance. He pays too much attention to stimulation and gets early ejaculation as a result.
  • Fears of erectile dysfunction forcing a man to begin rushing in order to prove his ability to have erection.
  • Biological reasons like abnormal hormone levels, thyroid problems, inflammation or other health conditions including damage of nervous system.
  • Drug administration. There are some drugs influencing the erection. That is why the issue should be discussed with a doctor.

What is a norm?

The scientists say that the average healthy man can last about 10 minutes. It can be 7 or 13 minutes but still some men want to have it even longer and the doctors do their best to explain that those patients do not have really problems because this is an average time for erection. The problem is considered when a man is not able to last even a minute. That is a case, which usually leads to depression. And that is because not only unsatisfactory result but also because of society expectations, which should be met: a man should perform and he wants to do it. That is why if a man lasts 5 minutes, he already can insist on getting treatment options. It is very important to develop realistic expectations and thus decrease the anxiety and be satisfied with those 5-10 minutes.

How to cure premature ejaculation?

Behavioral therapy. There are several ways to correct the behavior like arousing a partner before starting intercourse so that she needs less time to finish, or masturbating during an hour just before having sex learning how to delay ejaculation. There are also some methods of influence on a man during intercourse helping him to last like squeezing the tip of a penis for several seconds just when it is high time to finish, postpone ejaculation in this way and restart the stimulation. By the way a condom use also reduces stimulations.

Muscle development. There are training programs allowing a man to deal with premature ejaculation. But it takes some time and patients want an immediate result.

Viagra and other pills treating ED. Of course this is a perfect option with immediate result. It does not hurt and it takes just a second while the result is stunning. The only negative moment in those blue pills is a single effect. The tabs do not cure the problem, they only give a man a chance to solve the problem right there and then.