What Exercises Are Recommended For Better Sex?

What Exercises Are Recommended For Better Sex?

It is well known that working out is the best way to keep in shape and an initial step on the road to a healthy lifestyle. It is good for a man’s self-esteem, his health and his look. Here we should just note that the important thing required for a steady erection is refusal of poor behaviors. The man is expected to start doing exercises at least. Thus, we can say that hitting the gym is one of the ways to improve sex? The regular exercises do matter. A man should attend the gym three or four times a week. Only in this case he can confirm that his sex becomes flexible and durable. Is it critical to do the particular types of exercise? Now we are going to clear it up.


Walking is highly recommended as far as it is good at any age and available taking into account lack of spare time for working out. The men involved in fast walking or any other aerobic exercise have lower risk of erectile dysfunction. In addition aerobic activity burns calories and maintains weight loss again significantly lowering the risk of erectile dysfunction. It improves circulation and blood flow helping a man’s sex life by keeping the blood vessels clear and preventing heart attacks. If a man does running regularly, he has longer erections.

Weight Lifting

Men can benefit a lot from strength training and this is usually ordered for sex life because first of all it leads to production of testosterone. The testosterone is directly involved in the male sex drive. It is recommended to find out what weight is suitable to you and do sit-ups, push-ups, and crunches with repeating 10 times or doing as many repetitions as you can before tiring. The researches prove that the short intense exercise increases testosterone levels improving sex life. Besides, the well trained muscles can be of help as far as they are used during intercourse. You can hold your partner tight in convincing manner.


Do not be surprised! Practicing yoga is very useful for sex life as far as this activity can even offer new positions. It allows the body to become sinuated, get into creative positions and as a result you will enjoy the intercourse much more. The man can become flexible with yoga improving his stamina. Besides, a lot of yoga poses possess therapeutic endpoint and strengthen health in general.


Swimming enables a man to have very long sexual activity. But for the best result it must be long-distance swimming and only in this case it will keep a man continuing intercourse on and on. Do swim for about half an hour three times a week and you will increase sexual endurance! That is guaranteed by the experts. And of course swimming is a good way to lose excess weight and escape obesity, which leads to impotence. Losing excess body fat a man improves sexual function and becomes more attractive to a potential partner.

We offer just principle types of exercising and if a man does some of them or even it would be much better if he combines various activities, he will improve his sexual technique and quality of sex life. Remember that muscles including sex specific muscles weaken over time. And your confidence depends on your sexual competence. If your muscles are weak, you’ll fail to prove your confidence. Pay attention to your abdominal and lower back muscles involved in almost every sexual position. Besides the point, there are special exercises, which help to make different positions in a proper way. For example for a popular missionary position a man should have strong shoulders and arms gained by the bowing pushup, for example. Do not forget to focus on relaxing and breathing!